Mia & James

Music is an addiction and there’s no cure for it

"As soon as we all started playing together for the first time, it just hit home.
I can still remember it vividly. Mia’s voice just blew me away. It was staggering

~ James ~

The Duo consists of Mia Chambray (vocals) and James Gregory, an accomplished and very confident guitarist, who is able to play acoustic, rock, music like: Guns ‘n’ Roses, or Fleetwood Mac in their extensive repertoire. With Mia’s charm and beautiful voice and James’ musical accompaniment, the duo can hold any crowd in the palm of their hands. Mia and James were both part along with Dave Quinn on drums, and Sean Frankland on bass of Mohawk Radio, a UK Manchester based band whose musical genre hopped between ballsy, foot stomping rock songs, to emotive soft rock/pop ballads. In 2015 they went up against thousands of bands from across the UK in the Parliament’s “Rock the House” music competition, winning on the back of a “thundering live performance” of their single Lifetime Sunshine.Their debut EP Halfway To Heaven (2014) aired on prominent radio stations including BBC Manchester, Real Radio XS and Pure FM. In 2017 they release Shoot From The Hip EP, originated between the singer and guitarist, recorded and produced by the legendary Clint Murphy.

Mia Chambray was also part of the Lennon Bermuda CD released in April 2013, singing Don't Let Me Down. She appeared at first John Lennon Tribute concert in September 2012.

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